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Romain Jerome watches commemorate legendary, turning-point events of recent history. The new collections from the pioneering brand, founded in 2004 are at the centre of these "timeless" points of history and rewrite these legends of time. Together with its unquestionable mechanics, Romain Jerome watches have a mission - to be the DNA of Famous Legends and to transcribe and retell our historic events from generations to generations. Whether it is steel from the sunken Titanic buried underwater in the Atlantic Ocean, dust from the Moon, RJ Moon Silver for the Moon Invaders or ash-lava from the infamous Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland which severely disrupted air traffic over European skies in April 2010, Romain Jerome watches are momentous and exceptional. The watches provide the opportunity to be a part of and integrate into something truly special - moments of history that will never be forgotten.

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