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To ensure the excellence of its Swiss components and skills, BEDAT & C applies a strict charter to each stage in the conception and production of its watches: the A.O.S.C (Appellation dOrigine Suisse Certifiee-Swiss Certified Label of Origin). Swiss watchmaking expertise, acknowledged the world over, serves to guarantee quality in terms of technical aspects such as reliability, accuracy and shock-resistance; as well as aesthetic appeal by means of original designs. This traditional craftsmanship is now adapted to incorporate new technologies. To earn this certification, each BEDAT & C watch must meet the following criteria: The conception and development of our watches is undertaken in Switzerland. All of our movement parts are machined and finished exclusively in Switzerland. Our cases are made exclusively in Switzerland. The components of our watches that cannot be made in Switzerland stem exclusively from the European Community. The watches carry the 8 makers mark. The straps are hand-sewn. The noble materials used in making our watches respect international conventions and are ethically sound.

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