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Since its inception in 1775, Breguet has been a brand dedicated to the essential values of tradition, art, elegance and a deep mastery of the horological field. Abraham-Louis Breguet was not only the founder of this legendary brand, but has also been dubbed the "father of watch making" thanks to his inventive spirit and ingenious soul. Breguet worked tirelessly to perfect man's tracking of time. His insatiable desire to build the most complex, technically excellent timepieces led to patents and awards that garnered the brand international acclaim and legacy status. Breguet's mastery of complications yielded a host of inventions, including the famed tourbillion escapement. In fact, the year 2001 marked the 200th anniversary of the tourbillion. Truly, names such as Classique, Heritage, La Tradition, Marine, Reine de Naples, and Type XX have endured over centuries.

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